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A great Canadian source for calibration and repair of test and measuring equipment. For used test equipment sales, visit our affiliate:
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Scope calibration in progress
Scope Calibration in Progress
NIST/NRC Traceable Calibration Standards

Avatar Metrology's laboratory has full environmental controls capable of meeting Type I primary standards calibration laboratory requirements. Our monitoring has shown we can control the climate inside our laboratory to within ±1 degree C and ±5% relative humidity, with outside temperatures varying from -20 to +40 degrees C. Avatar can also provide on-site service throughout British Columbia and Alberta for customers with fixed equipment when required.
Multi-Meter Calibration Station, CLICK for BIGGER CLICK!
Multi-Meter Calibration Station, CLICK for BIGGER PIC!
The following are examples of some of our capabilities: Calibration of DC Voltage 0-1200 Volts with uncertainties as low as ±10 uV/V, AC Voltage 0-1200 Volts with various combinations from 10 Hz to 1MHz with uncertainties as low as ±100 uV/V. Resistance source and measure from Micro Ohms to Giga Ohms, with uncertainties as low as 16 ppm.
Oscilloscope Calibration Station, CLICK for BIGGER PIC!
Oscilloscope Calibration Station, CLICK for BIGGER PIC!
We offer calibration of analog and digital oscilloscopes, signal generators, and pulse generators up to 1 GHz. We can adjust your equipment, optimizing its performance and provide you with the data you need. Avatar also offers repair and maintenance services to keep your older equipment operating at its best. Contact us for a full list of our capabilities.
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